Goo Korea!!

<p>:) (this thread will go bye-bye soon)</p>

<p>Goo Korea!! Make Maradona cry!</p>

<p>exactly !!</p>

<p>!!! This game is killing me!</p>

<p>goddammit kick their asses!!!! 82 in, 4-1 w/Argentina winning.</p>


<p>awwwww ****</p>

<p>so painful....</p>


<p>Tough break guys. :(</p>

<p>sad sad im sad</p>

<p>LOL korea got owned up the butt</p>

<p>In other news, who knew that Maradona could actually coach? I mean, besides the Argentinians...</p>

<p>Hey jyi90 guess who!!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>I swear Maradona was side entertainment. They maybe showed the Korean manager one or two times to make it fair.</p>

<p>I'm heartbroken! :'( But we can come back! Just crossing my fingers for Nigeria's loss against Greece...</p>

<p>korea doesn't deserve to win or even advance from the bracket</p>

<p>if you put goo and korea together you get gook-orea which sounds like Asian diarrhoea</p>

<p>Mexico! Take that France! Woooo!</p>

<p>I'm not even a sports fan-but I rooted for Japan!
日本 for the win!!</p>

<p>USA USA USA!</p>

<p>and Spain!</p>

<p>and Serbia!</p>

<p>ew omg it's tom. hahaha stalker</p>

<p>We lost because of this thread. ): jk.</p>

<p>but Mexico rockedddd. Oh well, one more match...fighting!</p>