good acceptance chance?

<p>Do you think I will get in with: (end of junior year) </p>

<p>Overall GPA: 4.0
Honors and AP classes
SAT 1660
ACT 24
Top 9% of class
( still time to remake SAT and ACT )</p>

<p>Thank you for your inputs! </p>

<p>2 Year Varsity Swim team captain/4 years on team
4 years of band ( marching jazz concert ensembles)
Held offices in band
School Musical
Environmental club
Spanish club
National honors society
Spanish honor society</p>

<p>They won't like that SAT score, but if you take it again odds are youll score a lot higher and youll be fine, your other credentials sound good too.</p>

<p>get at least a 1700 sat or 25/26 act and you'll probably have a good shot</p>

<p>When I applied (and got in) I had a 1790 (retook for 1980) and less honors classes than you. Just get it up to a 1750 or so, apply early, and you should be fine.</p>