Good Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering School in a Safe Community

Good evening smart people,
I am a Veteran, father of three, about to leave the Marine Corps after my second tour of duty. I am seeking out a good Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering school where my family can live comfortably and my children can attend safe and good schools. I know I can put in the leg work over the internet and discover some reasonable choices but I feel some people with personal touches with their universities could give me a better point of view than a simple Google search. Thanks in advance for all of your assistance.

Welcome to CC, and thank you for your service! Good luck on your new adventure, here a some possibilities:

Embry-Riddle College in Prescott, AZ; UVa Charlottesville VA; Notre Dame, South Bend IN; Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA; U.Oklahoma, Norman OK; Utah State, Logan UT; UMich, Ann Arbor MI; Iowa State, Ames IA; UKansas, Lawrence, KS. There are plenty more on the google lists. Princeton has a great program and great schools, if you are reaching for the tip-top. MIT and CalTech are problematic from the expensive housing stand-point.

Embry-Riddle all the way for any aeronautical degree. I’ve had a few friends who graduated from there and loved it. And you can see above all of the great locations.


Michigan. One of the top engineering schools in the country and we’re desperate for more veterans.

UA-Huntsville. It is located close to Redstone Arsenal. Besides the Army activities on post, there is a NASA facility here.

Texas A&M. College Station has nice residential neighborhoods with good schools.