Good AP Psychology+Economics+Calculus prep books

<p>Princeton Review seems to have the most "realistic" practice tests.
Barron's has okay material, but some of the practice tests are just bleah(especially IIC, good heavens)</p>

<p>So what are you guys' opinion on the prep books to these three AP subjects?
Also, do the prep books have sufficient material for self-studying if the subjects are nearly fresh to you?
If not, please suggest a few other books I could use with the them.</p>


<p>I have 5 Steps to a 5 for AP Psychology. It's a pretty big book with a hot pink cover. lol. It's pretty hard to miss, too. It's alot easier to read than barron's, has a ton of practice questions/tests on each lesson, and has visuals. </p>

<p>Overall, It's a solid choice if you still need one.</p>

<p>People say barron's is good for psych</p>