Good AP record for Yale EA?

<p>This is tough to answer, but how many APs/what scores are competitive/impressive for Yale EA?</p>

<p>Yale does not ask applicants to send official scores for admissions purposes. </p>

<p>"How many" APs depends on what your high school offers. The key is to take advantage of the strongest program of study offered by your own high school. The most competitive students for Yale are taking the most challenging curriculum available TO THEM. So if your high school offers only a few APs, Yale will want to see that you've successfully taken most or all of them. If your high school offers 20 APs, you will be expected to have taken many more (and done well). But the applicant from the school with 3 APs won't be compared unfavorably with the applicant whose school offers 20 APs and who has taken 9 or 10 of them.</p>

<p>"Yale does not ask applicants to send official scores for admissions purposes."</p>

<p>^^^That is very misleading.</p>

<p>In the Yale supplement, there is a section for "additional testing." If you have taken AP's, I believe it is pretty much expected that you post the results in that section (and it may hurt you if you have taken them and don't share). You can also post AIME results etc in that section.</p>

<p>Much of it depends on the quality of your school and how many APs are offered there. I'm inclined to think that APs aren't a huge factor because they aren't standardized across the applicant pool; each applicant takes a unique combination, and its difficult to compare one AP to another. Honestly given how easily APs are graded i'd expect that most admitted students would get nearly all 5s on every AP they take.</p>

<p>Do AP awards look good or are they not really taken into consideration?</p>

<p>The AP awards aren't like Who's Who or something like that... in other words they will definitely never hurt you. I don't think they really make much of a difference for the most part though. Having National AP Scholar already by the time you apply is probably the exception and would provide a slight bump -- just b/c you've done well on so many AP's at an early age. The other ones probably don't matter as much (I had AP Scholar w/ Distinction at the time of my app). List an award, just don't expect it to get you anywhere near the bump of a Siemens/Intel/etc award... most of the successful applicants will have AP awards...</p>

<p>it's really tough to say, but as long as you're at or near the top of your class in regard to APs taken (idk if your school has any restrictions), a 4.0 or 4.5 average is fine---sat subject tests are more important i'd think.</p>

<p>Having a bunch of AP tests isn't going to make your application any better than it already is.</p>

<p>Yale uses the Common Application, and this year the Common Application asks for self-reported AP test scores. </p>

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