good article about Penn ED admissions process

<p>Digging through the penn website I found this article.</p>

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<p>it basically goes through the ED admissions process at Penn and what adcoms think when they make decisions and stuff. It's from 1998 so some thingsmay be different, but I think it probably gives a good perspective with what were going to be dealing with.</p>

<p>Two comments:</p>

<p>1)Quenby Jackson Mott is my admissions person, so I hope she's nice to me</p>

from the December 15, 1998 edition</p>

<p>That's the date, and it's 6 years ago. Colleges are a lot more competitive now...</p>

<p>indeed. reading that was a sort of eye-opener though. i mean i hear all the stuff about college apps, like not only about GPA and rank, but i didn't know that they would deny some candidates just like that. good find</p>

<p>wtf u weiners its on the freaking penn site. the main admissions part. did not ne of you read it before?</p>

<p>err. the article? what's the direct link. i can't find it on the penn site.</p>

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<p>Intereresting article</p>

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