Good/Bad Chance of getting accepted?

<p>I am applying to mostly integrated science programs for molecular biology/microbiology/biochemistry (I'm hoping to end up in a microbiology lab). I have a 3.26 gpa, 1260 GRE (650 Q, 610 V, 5.0 writing), a little over a year of experience doing research in a molecular biology lab, and I participated in a research symposium where I did a poster presentation. I am planning on applying to: University of Illinois in Chicago, Northwestern University, Loyola University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Michigan State University, Southern Illinois University, and possibly Rush University. I am sort of worried because I got C's in both my biochemistry I and II undergraduate courses. Can any one assess my chances of getting into any of these schools?? Or can any one suggest a school that I would have a good chance of getting into?</p>

<p>I forgot to say, I'm applying to phD programs... would it be easier for me to get accepted to MS programs??</p>

<p>I can't say for sure but given your research experience and decent grades/scores, you seem to be as competitive as most applicants. I think you definitely have picked out well matched schools. I might suggest University of Illinois - Urbana for microbiology. They have had a historically strong microbiology program and fit geographically with the other schools you're considering. University of Chicago may also be a good fit too.</p>

<p>Does any one know how diffucult it is to get into Michigan State University for Microbiology? I know they have one of the oldest and largest microbiology depatments in the nation, so I'm wondering if this means they are very competetive.</p>