Good Books for college essays and app process

<p>i was looking for some good books on how to go about the college essays and the application process..
would anyone like to suggest some books that helped them , or those that did not ..
i ve been checking out a few on amazon..
"conquering the college admission essay in 10 steps" seems good..
as well as a few others..
but many of the reviews on there are i wanted some true reviews

<p>You must buy Michele Hernandez' "Acing the College Application...".
Also, Bauld's "On Writing the College Application Essay..." (also, a very funny book), McGinty's "The College Application Essay" (a lot of essay theory: structure, layout, type of argumentation, etc) and "50 Successful Harvard Essays"</p>

<p>Good Luck! :)</p>

<p>So i finally ordered a few..</p>

<p>The Fiske Guide
On writing the college application essay
Rock Hard Apps
and Conquering the college admission essay in 10 Steps</p>

<p>I would advise not to use books about college essays only because people naturally tend to try to copy them. I am not saying that you shouldn't read a few to get a feel for the college essay, but remember to be original. Colleges want to see YOU, not what someone else.</p>

<p>Yeah.. i quite agree with you.. Thanks for the advice..
the essay is one thing thats scaring me the most!</p>