Good Cello Schools

<p>Which schools have good cello profesors in the midwest? Thanks</p>

<p>among others:
University of Michigan -- Richard Aaron
Oberlin -- Darrett Atkins</p>

<p>Northwestern--Hans Jorgen Jensen (he also commuted to Oberlin last year and I think the year before). He has some terrific students and they love him and follow him to Meadowmount in the summer.</p>

<p>In addition to those mentioned:
UMich - Anthony Elliott
DePaul - Stephen Balderston - popular with Seattle area cellists
CIM - Margo Tatgenhorst Drakos</p>

<p>I don't know who is at Indiana or Cleveland Institute these days, but both schools have been historically strong in cello and definitely worth a look.</p>

<p>Dr. Carter Enyeart at University of Missouri, Kansas City. He also runs a great summer cello camp.</p>

<p>Prof. Nina Gordon at Illinois Wesleyan. Likewise offeres a great summer cello camp.</p>