Good colleges for Economics and Engineering

<p>I'm thinking about a double major in economics and engineering.. and have a sat score of 2010.. but i'm taking it again october...
sat2- 760 chem, 720 math2
high school- genrally in the top 10 of the class..
so what colleges would you suggest?</p>

<p>Is money an issue? Do you qualify for fin aid? Are looking for schools in a particular region? State vs Private?</p>

<p>yeah.. i'll be applying for fin aid.. but would prefer private.. unless its UC Berkley or UCLA</p>

<p>if you will be applying for fin aid, stick with privates and your instate universities. Unless it's like those state schools that are actively trying to raise their student profile (and most of them are not really top schools... that's why they are offering such measures like merit scholarships), you wont get much aid from public school OOS. </p>

<p>You are a competitive student and here is my recommendation:
Carnegie Mellon
RPI - could be in running for merit aid.
Northwestern - might not be such a match/safety, but you are def competitive
JHU - same for Northwestern
Cornell - same above
Case Western - Apply early action def in the running for merit aid
Rochester - Same for Case but we don't have EA so do regular</p>

<p>I'm sure there are a great others out there that I am not including. All these schools will give you great need based aid if you qualify, some more than others.</p>

<p>Thanks zorbasity..
Yeah.. i dont think i'll be applying for aid at state unis..
I think i'll need to get a fab sat score to get into one of the top ones..</p>