Good Computer Science Schools for the Non-Nerdy

<p>I'm looking for a strong computer science program at a school that isnt full of complete and utter nerds such as RPI and doesnt have a male to female ration of like 8:1. suggestions? i also need some financial help...</p>

<p>and please dont suggest any schools in california, i know about california schools, im looking for other options - thanks</p>

<p>Cornell has an extremely good CS department, without a guy/girl ratio of 8:1, etc. Our financial aid program is decent if you make below 120K.</p>

<p>lol wherever you do end up going will have one more nerd when you get there</p>

<p>hey whoswithwhatnow, insulting over the internet, way to go! $10 says ive gotten way more than you.</p>

<p>Jesus... are you joking me? Did you rebut his "insult" by mocking the idea of insulting over the net, followed by an insult? </p>

<p>If cost is a factor, male-female ratio is a factor, and type of kid is a factor? Find a public school or just a generic private school. You won't get great aid at the more selective and heavily sought after schools if your stats are updated in your profile, so I think the state schools are the best bet. That said, you can then limit to specific states you'd rather avoid or ones you've heard of or look on the rankings for the "better" ones.</p>

<p>okay so mocking my mockery is not at all ironic</p>

<p>and i just want to go to a normal school, the type of kid is not a factor lol. like GA Tech is a technical institute for example. what are some schools you would suggest</p>

<p>I was just pointing out how stupid the post sounded, I didn't consider it irony. I like irony.</p>

<p>"I'm looking for a strong computer science program at a school that isnt full of complete and utter nerds" You are classifying students of schools like RPI as utter nerds... I would call that a type of student/kid which you are trying to avoid being surrounded by, so type of student is a factor.</p>

<p>UIUC, U Washington, U Texas (austin), U Wisc (madison) (schools you probably already have in mind)--some from the upper part of the US News rankings... I don't much care for the rankings, but I have no idea what you want other than good, normal schools. Big city, college city, or middle of nowhere? Weather matter? Size of school matter? This is why it's almost easier to just look it up yourself. Try the college finder.</p>

<p>ive already done all that kinds of stuff - idk i just need a school im going to be able to afford also, most of the schools such as UW and UIUC (which are on my list) arent going to offer me very much I dont think financially because im oos</p>

<p>if cost is a fcactor,</p>

<p>Rice comes to my mind... still expensive but cheaper than other closely-ranked privates... hard to get into.</p>

<p>Olin.... automatic free tuition. if you can get in here, you can get into almost any college in the U.S....</p>

<p>what about some less competitive schools with the same strength financially?</p>

<p>UT-Austin! Especially if you can get into the Touring scholars program.</p>

<p>definintely cant get in but yeah i thought about applying to austin :D</p>

hey whoswithwhatnow, insulting over the internet, way to go!


<p>I'm insulted by the idea that calling someone a nerd would be an insult. :P</p>

<p>Anyway, people have given good suggestions with UT-Austin and UW. Georgia Tech may be a technical institute, but from what I've heard the people are relatively non-nerdy (admittedly, I was hearing this from fellow MIT people, who may not have the best baseline). You might also consider UWisc-Madison, UMaryland-College Park, UMass-Amherst, UIUC, and UMich-Ann Arbor.</p>

<p>all of those have come across my list already - what about some cheaper schools (meaning ones i would get more aid from)</p>

<p>LOL $10 says you're broke but can you even afford that bet?</p>

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<p>im making $22/hr as an IT Tech if you had seen my other thread about fin aid. k thanks bye.</p>

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<p>High schoolers will be high schoolers...:)</p>

all of those have come across my list already - what about some cheaper schools (meaning ones i would get more aid from)


<p>I gave you a bunch of state schools, several of which had not been mentioned before. I'm not sure what you want.</p>

<p>I'll try again. How about: UF, UCol-Boulder, IU-Bloomington, Rutgers, Ohio State, Northeastern, Polytechnic, Texas A&M, SUNY-Stony Brook?</p>