Good Engineering laptop which is also good for gaming at UMD

Well its time to start looking into getting a computer. I am thinking of buying one and getting the warranty at UMD. Heard the ones that UMD sell are not good for gaming. I am not a fan of Mac so can someone recommend a good laptop which is middle of the road in price that will be good for computer engineering and fast enough for gaming. Also, do I just get one with minimal programs on it and download the ones Maryland gives you for free. Is there ones that UMD doesn’t offer.

also, where is a good place to buy them… I was thinking Costco because they have a good tech support and return policy

These guys might have some suggestions for you.

thank you, I will check it out

So I am still searching for a computer…I have decided on a Dell because the IT tech store says they work best with Dell and Apple warranties…but I am still deciding to from UMD…which has a 3 cell battery

or Costco’s…which has a 4 cell

Of course they sell you on the idea that if your computer crashes they can give you one to borrow…But I know a lot of students say to have a long life battery…Its a couple hundred dollar difference because it shows a promotion of 200 gift card, sleeve and a 8GB flash drive (if that promo is still on, it was during orientation)…However UMD is i5 and Costco is i7

Can I get any suggestions and if you experienced trouble going to IT with a computer you bought from the outside…I don’t need a 2 in 1 but that seems to be the one UMD has and its a hybrid hard drive, 13.3 inc screen in comparison to Costcos SATA drive, 15 inch screen.

these are the 2 I decided on but can’t make the final decision. any more pro or con experience I should know before making this decision.

thanks for any feedback


No clue on technical aspect, but personally used UMD store for service issue advantage. Nothing like having instant access to a loaner computer if yours needs repair…

thanks…I had my mind set to get from UMD and then went to the Dell website from IT dept’s site and purchased a laptop from them…and just to point out that , they did negotiate a price with me, since they do want to make the sale. But be careful…he tried to say that he was going to through in the sleeve for free and was a 50.00 value when they were being sold for 20.00 on there site. But it ended up being a faster and better laptop…Now I just have to hope I never need a loaner laptop.