Good English Programs

<p>I am a student looking to transfer from Texas Tech University. I do no have remarkable grades but I would like to attend a school with a decent English program. I held a 3.0 gpa over 2 years so I know I have limited my options. I want to focus on creative writing.</p>

<p>Can anyone recommend a good school for me to apply to for the fall semester.
Thanks for the input</p>

<p>Some schools to possibly consider are Iowa, Denison, Knox, Indiana and Pittsburgh. Best of luck!</p>

<p>Syracuse is another possibility. I have no idea how selective transfer admissions are. JHU has a reputedly good writing program, but probably a difficult admit. Almost all good LACs will have decent English departments. Another tack is to look at a listing of graduate departments and try their undergrad schools. Although many of the top 10 grad depts will be a very, very selective schools, you might find some more realistic choices in the top 20.</p>