Good enough for Ivy?

<p>I am a student in Canada with a 90 average. I have roughly 200 community service hours and thus far I have taken several practice SATs with my score coming around 2100 each time. My engagements include piano performance, boxing and drama theatre. I have no sports which would lend me a spot in the Ivies. My familiy's income is $ 47k per year and I obviously intend to apply for scholarships and loans. My strengths are in Math and English, weaknesses in, as strange as it may appear, Physics. I am fluent in 4 languages and have a passive understanding of 3 others. In the undergrad, I wish to concentrate on business, but I am open to other fields. After, I want to go to law school. Despite the fact that I am in Grade 11, I have taken 4 Grade 12 courses and I am finishing off the Extended French Program. Further, I plan to take AP Calculus next year in school, since we only have AP Math. Presently, all my courses are University-bound courses and my highest mark in a course was a 99% in Grade 11 Math. I am debating whether I should take more AP Exams, in fields where my family and myself have experience, such as history, music and statistics, and which University I should choose. Now, personally I would love to attend an Ivy League School, or Stanford. Is my profile sufficient for any of such schools, and if so, to which of these schools should I apply?</p>

<p>Really? English is your strength?</p>

<p>You have a shot, just like any one of the 50,000 some odd applicants that apply to HYPSM and the other Ivies. If you want to get in, show them leadership and something that you bring to the table that the other applicants cant.. A hook of sorts (not like URM etc, but something unique to you that makes you indespensible to the admissions committees)</p>