Good Enough Percentile?

I got an 87 percentile the second time I took the SSAT, should I submit it for Andover and Lawrenceville?

Depends upon what you got on the first time.

I got an 84 the first time

I would submit anything over 85.

I got a 79 and submitted it everywhere(including the schools you mentioned)

Honestly, my score is low, but I don’t regret submitting it at all since I had a good scaled score. Andover AO told me to submit, and that it would either help me/not make an impact, and that there is no way it would hurt me.

They don’t really care about percentiles as much as scaled scores(I heard this from a couple AOs

At the end of the day, I’d say submit it if it reflects your best work. An 87th percentile is an amazing score and IMHO can be submitted everywhere.


@lilyesh wondering what is a good scaled score? Did the AO say anything about it? Thank you

AO at the Hill School told me anything above a 2170 can be submitted everywhere and wouldn’t be a problem.

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@lilyesh thank you! Is it roughly 85%?

This year, especially, I feel like a low ssat score is fine. A teacher from PEA told me that even submitting a low score will only help your application. I got 70th percentile for the reading subsection, yet the teacher said that that’s expected to be higher than many applicants this year.

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depends on grade. i got a 2178 which was a 79, but apparently my percentile should’ve been higher.

Yes, you should submit an SSAT score of 87 since it is your highest score to date and since it is above an 85.


We might be in different grades, but I also got 2178 and it ended up being in the 85th percentile.

yea i’m a year older