Good enough SATs?

<p>SAT I:
800 Math
700 Verbal</p>

<p>SAT II's:
800 Math II-C
790 US History
700 Physics (will retake in Nov)</p>

<p>-plus a recruited athlete (baseball)</p>

<p>me too. I have a 780 math, 720 verbal. Should I retake? btw, I have 800s on all three SAT IIs (Writing, Chem, Math IIC).</p>

<p>ABuhhhhhhh. Sorry redsoxfan for hijacking your post. Im sure your question will be answered</p>

<p>yes, your scores are fine, lol. I wish I had your scores! :)</p>

<p>Go have a look at the testing requirements page of the myMIT site where they list the 25%-75% score ranges for admitted applicants - yours are definitely within the range.</p>

<p>Yeah...I think MIT's average SAT is around 1470....I'd guess the average math would be something like 780's, and Verbal 690's.</p>

<p>What about internationals? Are the SAT requirements stricter? Looking at my scores, does it appear that I'm slanted towards the sciences and not that great in writing/verbal tests? (I'm a native English speaker) How much does MIT care about humanities-related SAT scores? Thanks=)</p>

<p>SAT Verbal: 710
SAT Math: 800
Writing: 740
Math IIC: 800
Physics: 800
Chemistry: 800
Biology: 770</p>

<p>lol guys, don't stress out about your SAT's too much. #1, all of your scores are perfectly fine. #2, MIT cares a lot more about other parts of your application, basically how did you spend your free time in high school.</p>

<p>Don't worry about appearing to be too slanted toward the sciences, MIT is an engineering/science school, not a humanities one.</p>

SAT's are only a portion of your application as is noted above. The entire evaluation and admissions process is "stricter" for internationals only in that a much smaller % are admitted than of US citizens. I am not sure if the actual SAT statistics are different for internationals, but I think the website quotes a statistic of 4% admissions. Basically, you really have to be the top or nearly the top student from your country to get in. Last year a boy we knew with 1590 SAT I and 800's on all his SAT II's did not get accepted, he was a native of India and not an American citizen. Obviously, different countries send a different number and caliber of applicants. Your scores are excellent and I am sure the rest of your application is the same. You have done all you can and should be proud of yourself.</p>

<p>Thanks Robyrm!=) But do you know if international females with the same kind of stats and achievements as the international males have a slight advantage over them? And is it true that MIT is pretty keen on the balancing the slightly warped male:female ratio? Thanks=)</p>

<p>The ratio of the incoming class is pretty close to 50:50, but fewer women apply so it is a bit easier for them to get in, but not much! I am sure you are a very competitive applicant- just write a wonderful application and try to get a good night sleep before your interview!</p>