Good essay topic or bad?

<p>I am writing my college essay and i chose to do the free topic, but I am writing about stuff that abashes me basically. I just thought that this would be a good way to show that you can't only show who you are through good qualities, but through your flaws too. I don't know if i'm over bashing myself, but i think it's a good topic?</p>

<p>well what's your definition of "over-bashing?"</p>

<p>i call myself a hypocrite and why i am one</p>

<p>probably not the best idea</p>

<p>don't use hypocrisy..i think arrogance is ok..b/c someone i knew wrote on how he was always so good at math until senior year and how he shouldn't be so ****y. and he got into his first choice.</p>