Good essay?

Hi…Do colleges have a choice or preferance for “your topic” or the ones they give you or are they solely unbiased…I’m using the common application so will be using that to send it to 4-5 colleges.
Im thinking about basing mine on:
Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.

Educational system. (how it has degraded over the years…and how its small scope doesn’t give a person variety of choices to chose from so you can’t really express yourself)…
Does this actually show importance or does it seem to build up as an essay thats just informing reader about an issue…and i dont think thats what the colleges want…I mean i definately couldnt express myself due to how small school we have…and the educational value has just gone down from what’ i know…years ago you had lots of electives, and now there are ‘mandatory’ courses etc.

do you see where im heading?

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