good essay?

<p>This essay is not for college admissions.I need to do a nutriton essay I record 3 days of eating. Then I compare my chart to the food chart(what you need to eat each day) and also include exersize.</p>

<p>p.s its supposed to be short 1 page.</p>

<p>what can i change to get an A?</p>

<p>Here is the essay </p>

<p>Health and nutrition assignment</p>

<p>Nutrition is very important or so I believe. Although I rate exercise at a more higher value according to the chart my protein intake is sufficient. I also take in fish oils each day and some oils from the foods I eat which should be enough oil. I make sure to eat some vegetable some days such as broccoli and tomatoes(full of potassium) .I almost never snack on sugar I do however drink some coke now and then .I need to stop doing that.. don’t we all. My vegetable intake seems to be in order because im eating loads of pees Which also include protein. However I do not eat enough fruits I just don’t like fructose and the fact it makes your liver fat. I don’t see any need for it. Another thing I regret is my insufficient grains intake. But its very hard to eat grains because they have hardly any taste.</p>

<p>I work out more then most people I started doing the insanity workout by Shaun t .It is intense 45 minutes of Hiit exercise 5 times a week increased to 60 minutes after 30 days. There is almost no one who exercises more then me .I also joined the tennis team so add 2 hours a day of exercise once fall starts.</p>

<p>I started eating more healthy it’s a step by step process slowly eliminating bad sugars and fats. I cant just start eating healthy you have to get into it .I used to eat junk food every day. And I don’t eat junk food anymore!! (almost) .I feel like im very close to my goal of eating healthy and exercising at pro level. I got the exercise part down already!.</p>

<p>Exercise and nutrition make up a persons health. This paper sure has reminded me of my health goals in life. Some goals im already keeping and some im working to complete. I think im doing pretty well compared to how I was 2 months ago. And I will keep on this path For as long as takes due to my commitment to the tennis team. Nothing is more important then nutrition and exercise !</p>