Good freshman intro classes

Hello all!

Trying to pick out some good freshman intro classes for this fall. Ideally, they should meet some of the curriculum requirements, be interesting, and (I’ll say it) not too hard. Any suggestions?


I’m assuming that you have no idea what you want to study. In general, choose classes that are in subjects that interest you, and look up the professors on ratemyprofessor or if the school has undoctored in-house ratings, that. Profs are not hired based upon their ability to teach. They are hired and given tenure based upon their research and publications. Profs who are horrible teachers continue to teach throughout their careers, with no consequence. You want to avoid these bad teachers like the plague. You want to choose classes with great teachers, because they’re the ones who will inspire you to learn a lot.

I assume you have already registered for the classes after a session with your academic advisor. Course selection was relatively easy for my daughter last week with many required CSOM classes.

Orientation leaders (the one for your group or any others that major in your interested areas) might be a good resource to get recommendations on good elective courses in your first year.