Good full ride/full tuition scholarship options for computer science

Hello there! I’m a texas senior looking for some advice with my college searches. I scored a 1490 on the sat, have 6 ap tests with 4/5s and a 33 on the act. My gpa is a 3.88, and I’m a national merit semifinalist. I’m pretty sure I don’t qualify for need based scholarships, but I have two younger siblings and my parents said they can cover about a fourth of tuition for larger schools. I’m looking for a good computer science program that can offer full tuition, so far I’ve added Arizona state in that category. My reach colleges are Carnegie, Duke, Hopkins. I’m planning on living on campus. Any other possible full tuition/full ride colleges to look at? Thanks!

Assuming you anticipate being named a NMF, have you considered your Texas schools such as Texas Tech and UT Dallas?

At Texas Tech your cost of attendance is covered 100%

UT Dallas has a strong CS program and is practically a full ride as well

Adding: follow this thread “National Merit Class of 2019 - where are you considering/visiting?”

Here is a link for NMF full tuition/full ride scholarships, although I would check the websites of the schools to be sure that the information is accurate:

Check the thread on automatic full tuition and full ride scholarships that is at the top of the Financial Aid Forum. You would have qualified for a number of those last year. Visit each institution’s website to determine what has changed this year.

Thanks for the info chercheur, I’m planning a visit to UofDallas soon. I didn’t know it offered that much. Is there any resource that can filter by most common major or something like CS rank? I’ve seen the yolasite page but it’s too much to look through each one individually. Thanks for the replies.

@rawash carefull the The University of Dallas is a leading Catholic university this NOT the same as UTD, the University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson Texas (just north of Dallas) that @chercheur mentioned above.

DS19 has very similar stats to you, so I can tell you what we found from the list the above poster mentioned. He got a $26,000 scholarship from Alabama. Kentucky will be full tuition and housing with those test scores. He is also applying for competitive scholarships at Saint Louis, Miami Ohio, Trinity and Louisville. He also applied to a few others that could offer full tuition merit scholarship. He wants to go to Med school, so it is essential that he gets at least a full tuition scholarship. I hope this helps you some.

Thanks for the comments guys. Yeah I meant university of texas in dallas, not UofD. Interesting info with Alabama&Kentuky.

^If you get are a NMF, then University of Alabama gives you a lot more than $26,000.

My son has your exact stats and got full tuition plus $6000 a year from UT Dallas. (He is not NMSF) Have you applied?

Yup, I’ve now submitted my UT dallas application. Fingers crossed

Then apply to Alabama. Not too late for a NMerit student!!!

5 years of tuition
4 years of housing
Plus stipend
Plus study abroad money
Plus book money.

Amazing campus, amazing facilities. Over 1 million sq feet of new academic STEM space.

Here’s the merit aid chart for Miami of Ohio, note the deadline. Good luck!