Good Idea... or Bad?


<p>I have an idea for an essay, but I'm not sure if it is good or not...</p>

<p>For my Junior year I worked full-time as a librarian at a private school (that I used to attend). The reason I did so is because they were having financial difficulties, and I knew that they needed my help. At the same time I was working, I was writing a huge thesis paper and presentation about my experiences to give to my teacher at the end of the term. </p>

<p>The appropriateness of my position there was certainly questioned. Is it really appropriate for a high-schooler to be teaching a class? So I had to work harder than the other teachers to prove my worth. And by the end I finally did prove myself. I saved the school around $15,000 in unnecessary library costs, tripled student book check-out but most of all, I felt like my former teachers accepted me as a peer and the kids really were excited about reading.</p>

<p>But it was also a tumultuous time for the school. It is undergoing its accreditation (that happens every 7 years). The inspectors that came to evaluate the school did not like the curriculum of some programs (like technology) and they really did not like some teachers. Ironically, I wrote in my thesis that the same programs should be overhauled. Anyway, the headmaster was forced to let some of the faculty go. It was difficult because they were my friends and mentors, but I realized that it had to be done. </p>

<p>Sorry that it is so long... I was wondering if I should go with the appropriateness theme, or the firings theme (or maybe both). If anything isn't clear, please respond with questions. Thanks!</p>

<p>I like the "firing" story better. If you can incorporate your personal feelings and struggles, and then how you moved forward from it, then I think it would make a great essay.</p>

<p>I am skeptical that a high-school student is really in a position to pass judgment on whether or not there should have been firings, and on how well the firings were handled.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, ADad, I think that your skepticism is shared by many. That is why I was leery about bringing up the subject. That is why I wondered whether or not I should just deal with the appropriateness of me being there.</p>

<p>But I also agree with theimpatientone. It is a rare that a high-school student gets thrust into the adult world like this, and so it could be somewhat of a hook. It does present the classic 'problem' that makes an essay good and interesting. </p>

<p>Because my thesis was on education reform, much of it dealt with the general idea of "What is best for the students?". But this does not always coincide with "What is best for the teachers?". If I did write about 'the firings' I would not pass judgement, but instead mention the careful balance between the two questions.</p>