Good Idea or No?

<p>Hi, I am an 11th grade High School Student and I am planning on taking college course this year but I have SAT's to study for and my regular high school classes that I have.
I am planning on taking : Fall 2010: English 101(ENGLISH COMPOSITION), Bio 106(ORGANISMAL & ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY) Winter 2010: English 102(INTERMEDIATE COMPOSITION, LITERATURE AND CRITICAL THINKING), Chem 151(PREPARATORY GENERAL CHEMISTRY) Spring 2011: Chem 201(GENERAL CHEMISTRY I), Physics 110(GENERAL PHYSICS I) Summer 2011: Bio 107(MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY). Do you guys think I will be able to get good grades in College and High School and do well on the SAT or is this this too much? PLEASE GIVE ADVICE!</p>

<p>We can't say that for sure. Only you will know if you can handle it. How good of a time manager are you? Do you have a deep interest in those subjects? What other activities are you involved in?</p>