Good idea to do Pre-dental?

<p>I would like to do pre-dental however I was wondering if I would be at a disadvantage if I never took AP Biology in high school. I've only taken some basic biology back in freshman year of high school so I've basically forgotten everything I learned about biology.</p>

<p>Also, what is a good major for pre-dental? I've heard Microbiology, Biology, Nutrition and any major that can provide as a "Plan B"</p>

<p>my sister did nutrition at uf, and is in dental school now..a top dental school</p>

<p>major doesnt weigh as much as you might think though.</p>

<p>a lot of the people who do pre-dentistry major in food and nutrition science for some reason. many others do the typical biology or chemistry degree like many prehealth students. You can major in whatever you want!! Choose something that interests you and you think you can do well in. The only things you cant major in as a student in any prehealth track are accounting and architecture.</p>

<p>Also, rsala004, dental schools are not officially ranked. at all. have not been for the last 15 years. So your sister can in no way objectively say she goes to a "top" dental school. Price, clinical experience, and instate/outofstate factor so much into students' dental school decisions that even ranking admissions statistics for every single dental school will still give you a false list of the "best" dental schools that would be further skewed by a relatively large variation in class sizes across all the schools. For instance; NYU college of dentistry is the largest COD in the united states as far as enrollment, is attached to a prestigious private research university, and has one of the highest tuition rates out of all dental schools. It happens to have some of the lowest numbers as far as average gpa and dat scores for matriculants go.</p>

<p>Ok I see. Thanks for the info. But do you guys think that I'll be at a disadvantage considering I have not taken any biology in 3-4 years? While most people in pre-health have probably taken AP Bio or something of the equivalent.</p>

<p>So is it then reasonable to major in something like computer engineering while doing the pre-dental track?</p>

<p>you should talk to your advisor, but if the major your most interested in is as unrelated as computer engineering something might be 'wrong'.
as for having not taken bio, you wont be at a disadvantage per se. its only one course.</p>

<p>jeez i guess i should of clarified, a dental program at a top university(or to avoid that word for you, prestigious)
of course what one considers a prestigious school is subjective, but so is everything on this board.</p>