Good in Honors-Bad in non-honors

<p>I'm one of those kinda kids, who gets really bored when I don't feel challenged. I ended up for the first time taking an honors class. So it's my junior year, I come in with a 2.8GPA. 1st semester, made an A in every Honors class. Where as in my non-honors, I made B's and C's. Next year I plan on taking 5AP's. If I happen to perform well in those classes (A's and B's), will I have a shot at a good school?</p>

<p>Probably...although colleges will be baffled by your B's and C's in non-honors classes.. Wouldn't it make sense if you aced those classes cause they were easy?</p>

<p>You will be better served by instigating a time management program and a self discipline regime. I think 5 AP's is too many if you don't have good skills in these areas. Your Sr. year courseload and first semester grades will help somewhat for college, but the most important thing will be your Jr year. You should do everything it takes to ace this semester. That will be the best thing to help you get into reach schools.</p>

<p>kinglin..colleges will definitely be really confused if you did get A's in honors, but bad in non-honors. Same here, I got B's in reg. classes in freshman but got A's in honors. doesnt matter. Its just the overall GPA.</p>

<p>Just make sure u get all A's this next semester. At UCD, making an improvement in 11th grade is equivalen to having a .25 higher GPA. Do it!</p>