Good laptop for Georgia Tech freshman?

I have been admitted to Georgia Tech’s class of 2019, and am thinking of buying a laptop for school work. My major is mechanical engineering. I would be grateful for advice on what to get.

Also, as an international student, I am wondering if it would be better to buy it once I get to school or if I should buy it here in my home country.

Thank you.

Tech has specific laptop requirements so go to Tech’s website to find them. My D is ME at Tech and she has a lenovo that was custom built for her, lots of memory and the ability to CAD a ton with a very big battery. I refer to it as a “brick” but she loves it. Also get a PC rather than a Mac, some of the me components run better on a PC.

I would post your question on the reedit for Tech because I bet there would be international students who could give you better advice. I do recommend buying it in the US and getting a service plan. My D has one and it was great when her wifi card had an issue.

It’s my understanding that while most engineering/cad platforms run fine on windows and mac, they are more “Optimized” for windows. Check out one of those Dell XPS laptops. They’re pretty powerful and a good value for money.

itsv, Mandalorian,

Thank you so much for the advice!
I’m currently looking at the Tech requirements, and am thinking of buying one through the Tech store.
I have also posted this question on reddit :slight_smile: