Good laptop under $250?

hello! i am currently a senior in high school and i need to get myself a laptop for my school work, but only have a budget of about under $250 as i am broke. anyone have any recommendations? thanks in advance!

I would consider buying a used Lenovo Thinkpad (4XX series for 14") on Ebay. These are business class computers often selected by schools for their students. They are well built and sturdy, A lot of times, businesses will replace their computers every 2-3 years and they end up on EBay. Look for an i5, 8 gig of memory and a FHD LCD. It won’t be sexy or super light but it should get the job done.

Unfortunately $250 is not a lot for a new computer. In that price range, you will find options but the build quality will be lower. If you plan on carrying it around in a backpack then you need to think about the build quality. If it never leaves your room then it might not matter as much