good laser printers?

<p>Can anyone recommend any good laser printers that are relatively cheap and require cheap toners that offer a high page per toner rate?</p>

<p>Four years ago we got a Samsung ML1210 for the family PC. So far it has printed about 4 cases (10,000 pages) of paper without a problem - not even a single paper jam. Cartridges are about $75 from Samsung online. There are two settings - normal and "toner save". Both have about the same quality so we use toner save. Samsung claims 3000 pages on toner save. We probably get more than the claim.</p>

<p>new HP lasers work great, and ink supply is impressive.</p>

<p>Yeah, my uncle has an hp laserjet 1320. It's really cheap ($300-400). and It's very nice too. It even has a mechanism that flips pages so you print on both sides of a sheet.</p>


<p>You must have seen the rankings in this thread
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I think the printers list is pretty accurate. (I had a Lexmark, it came free with something and it sucked)</p>

<p>This link: <a href=""&gt;;/a> has a review of a Dell and HP laser printer.</p>

<p>Samsung ML-2250 (or 2251N if you need it networked for some reason) is the one I would (and posssibly will) buy.</p>

<p>Another great one is the Brother HL-5140 and the HP 1320 or 1160 are both ok. The nice thing about the samsung I mentioned is that it is less "consumer-grade" and more like an office/workgroup printer which fits a student well. The cheap HP's recently have had trouble printing lots of pages because they overheat and have to slow down becuase they dont have good cooling or a fan. They also have less toner for about the same price printers with higher capacity.</p>