GOOD LUCK pre-meds

<p>It never occurred to me to check class profiles of various florida medical schools. Surprisingly, miami showed only 1 applicant coming from ucf. in comparison, they admitted 26 applicants from uf. discouraged but hopeful, i looked at the class profile of fsu medical students. again, i surprisingly found a large number of uf students; 38% to be approximate. 26% came from fsu. ucf only made a fraction of the class; about 3%. usf made twice as many, 6%. </p>

<p>now i'm thinking to myself. If FSU Medical is willing to accept more uf students than its own, uf is definitely going to accept a large number of its students. ucf just opened a medical school of their own. great. only, in order to make a name for themselves, they'll probably be less loyal to their students and only accept the creme of the crop crowd. so there goes ucf, uf, miami, and fsu. I still haven't mentioned usf but by now, you should get my point. going to ucf has no advantage whatsoever in getting accepted to a florida medical school. it can't be grades because it isn't as if every pre-med who graduates from ucf is dumb. we're probably just as bright as anyone from uf or fsu. no, it has to be the name. for you all you pre-meds willing to go to ucf, beware as well as take care.</p>

<p>my sister currently goes to uf and was accepted to the usf med school for 2009. she told me that it really doesnt matter which school you attend and that it makes an insignificant difference in your application (unless your comparing ivy league schools to schools like ucf or a fl school to an oos school). What does matter is if you receive a high gpa but a low mcat score or vice virsa. if you get a high gpa at ucf and a score of 24 on the mcat chances are that your not going to get an interview to most of the schools you applied. just as long as you can back up your gpa with your test scores (or vice virsa) you should be fine.</p>