Good major before moving to PA program?

<p>I am currently planning on becoming a Physician Assistant, but the only thing still confusing me is which major I should pick. I have considered Biology, Chemistry, or Health Science. Would you recommend any of these or another?</p>

<p>I have considered taking a psych degree and meeting the PA requirements.</p>

<p>That way you have something that interests you to fall back on in case they don't accept you into the program.</p>

<p>What exactly could I do with a psych major? Would I have to further my education there in order to get a job that would reward as well as a PA?</p>

<p>Advanced degree would be a good idea for many majors.</p>

<p>Best</a> Undergrad College Degrees By Salary</p>

<p>Have you already started college? There are some schools that accept freshmen into a 5 year P.A. program. That's the route my son is taking.</p>