Good News for some -Daily Trojan Article today - higher acceptance rate

<p>OK for all of us parents of great kids and future trojan hopefuls, here is a slight hope for those out there like my son who is borderline with great ECs, decent GPA (AP student with honors) but SAT in low 1900s. </p>

<p>Because of the economic crisis they will be accepting a bit more which is very smart move indeed. Many students are sending out lots of applications, then going to the school that gives them the most money. They may not be as dedicated to becoming a Trojan as some of us on these boards are. Hopefully this is a light in the tunnel and maybe even they will take more Spring admits as well so I hope that all that worked hard and want to attend USC will not be turned away just because of one factor as long as they did well otherwise.</p>

<p>Good luck to all still waiting!</p>

<p>Daily</a> Trojan - USC plans to adjust acceptance rate in wake of economic downturn</p>


<p>also, everybody should read the article.</p>

<p>"Freshman decisions will be completed and mailed by April 1st, and the actual number will be finalized then."</p>

<p>April 1st guys! not into the month of April.</p>

<p>Good news indeed, however, the article was already posted as a thread.</p>

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<p>Oh, I didn't see that other thread - I though it was another accepted students thread. </p>

<p>Well now there are 2 positive threads for the still hoping...</p>

<p>There's a YouTube video about this, too. </p>

<p>YouTube</a> - USC Admissions PKG</p>

<p>Then there should be a HUGE wave early next week or later this week.</p>

<p>Yay, they are upping financial aid by 8%. :)</p>

<p>does that mean rejections will be notified by april 1 too?</p>

<p>that's good to hear. I really was not looking forward to waiting till April to possibly be rejected.</p>