Good news or bad?

<p>My d applied to several schools like Tufts, Boston College, Vassar, UCLA and SC to name a few and has not heard from one that a good or a bad sign? She applied ED to Boston College and was put on a wait list 'til regular decision. USC wrote and said they wanted to see her semester grades. Any comments are appreciated. She was accepted to Bard months ago.</p>

<p>Most schools will let you know by April 1. Some a few days, or maybe even a week, earlier. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I think you'll have to wait another couple of weeks to hear from these schools. I don't think the "news" is either good or bad. Patience! :)</p>

<p>Bard is an excellent school. It would be a great choice to attend.</p>

<p>The UCs won't be sending out their decisions till later this month.</p>

<p>cynarm, at this point, no news is just that - no news. Obviously not "good", but it doesn't mean bad.</p>

<p>Good luck to your d! Waiting is the pits.</p>

<p>I am wondering the same thing too! I see on the CC that some of the schools my D applied to others have heard from. She applied pretty early (most by mid November), so again I'm not sure if that's a good or bad sign. She's waiting to hear from 6 schools and some said they had a midMarch date to let you know admission deicision. SO it's 3/15! I hope there are some FAT envelopes in the mail today............</p>

<p>Our DS found out from 3 of his 5. The other 2 stated they will not have their announcements out until a certain day, and also do it by mail, no way to check on line. Just have to sit and wait, hover over the net and check online if you can...Good luck!</p>

<p>Don't get freaked out by reading about "early writes", "early winks", and the like on CC. Not everyone does that, and even the colleges that do it are very sparing about it (and it's often used for recruited athletes and the like who may face legitimate pressures to commit elsewhere). The vast, vast majority of students accepted RD hear at the same time. And often that's not until the last week or two of March, especially at very selective colleges.</p>