Good Nintendo DS games?

<p>My boyfriend's bday is coming up.. ya, he's a freshman in college and he still plays video games.. anyway, he has a DS and I was thinking about getting him a game for his bday (end-ish of april) but i know nothing about games..</p>

<p>games i know he plays (on any station)-
Zelda, Mario Tennis, Harvest Moon, Halo, Rock Star, Guitar Hero...</p>


<p>I only play DS games when I'm in a car, plane, etc. But I really recommend Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. It's not for everyone, but it's really easy to pick up and you don't really have to play it all the way through. You can start and stop as you please.</p>

<p>Super Smash Bros. is a game most guys like, but if you want stuff that's cheaper, stick with DS games. (new games for the big 3 run at $50+)</p>

<p>yeah advance wars is pretty good</p>

<p>i also like mario kart ds.</p>

<p>I second Mario Kart DS. It's fun to play and you can easily play it in your spare time.</p>

<p>i love the new advance wars. and it's all about the animal crossing! yeahhhhhh.</p>

<p>NetHack's been ported to the Nintendo DS:</p>

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<p>It's pretty legendary. But I dunno how good it'll be without a keyboard.</p>

<p>or..just find out a game he really really likes without making it too obvious you're asking..or tell a guy friend to talk to him about games he wants to get..</p>

<p>Advance Wars for the DS is pretty good. So is Pokemon Diamond (or Pearl).</p>