Good Option for Out-of-Stater

I’m from the midwest and have recently heard about Baruch. The things that I like about it are it’s urban location, affordability for out of staters along with a business school with a good reputation, and seemingly hard working personality. My concern is how I would fit in. From what I’ve heard, this is mainly a commuter school that is anything, but the typical college experience. As an out-of-stater with no NYC connections, would I get lost in the city and struggle to meet people or am I mistaken about Baruch and have the opportunity to meet new people who are connected to their universities. I guess what I’m saying is there any dorm/student life at Baruch?

I used to live down the block from Baruch. The only dorms there may be for Macaulay students. Honestly, if you want to attend a CUNY school, try Queens College, It has dorms that are only about 10 years old. If you want to get into the city, there is a bus that takes you to the subway or the LIRR. Queens is primarily a commuter school, but there is a dorm community there now. You just need to see whether it offers programs you are interested in.

There is a dorm available to Baruch students, but it is shared by other NYC colleges. It is a subway ride away. Only 425 Baruch students live there and there is no cafeteria or meal plan.

I would say that other than club involvement and those few students living in dorms, there is really no student life at Baruch and it is entirely a commuter school.

Yes, the school has a good reputation for accounting, computer science and business majors. But I think it would be a very difficult fit for someone who is in the city on their own without ties to a family or community.

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Good to know about the dorms. I thought they were limited to Macaulay students, but I guess not. I still say OP should look at Queens College. It’s got more of a suburban campus feel to it.

Macaulay students dorm for free in Brookdale Housing (at least they have in the past.) This is different housing on the Upper East Side and they will need to pay.