Good or bad idea- Independent study abroad

<p>I'm going to be finishing community college after this coming fall semester with an AA in general studies. I've been assuming all along that I would apply to transfer for the Spring '11 semester to a four year school. However, I have a close friend that attends university in England (University of Kent) and I have been interested in a possible study abroad for the Spring semester instead. If I did that, I could apply to transfer for the Fall '11 semester instead, where more classes are open and such. The only problem would be transferring the credits back from England to the US school I end up going to. Has anybody done something similar? It'd be an independent study abroad on my part, with no connections to any particular school.</p>

<p>Since you know which British school you will be attending if you choose to study abroad, I would suggest contacting the admissions offices of the schools you are planning on transfering to and ask them this same question. They might have had students study at Kent, and therefore may already have a file containing which classes they give credit for and so on. The easiest classes to transfer over are LA based courses, so keep that in mind when choosing classes.</p>

<p>Kent is one of the UK's best schools, so you shouldn't have a problem with your transfer school recognizing the validity of it.</p>

<p>Like I said before, I would just recommend contacting admissions of the colleges you wish to apply to. Also, you could look up the schools in the US that Kent participates with in study abroad, as these colleges will be more easy to transfer credits to.</p>