Good Salary?

I would argue women can take care of themselves without all of those expenses. Just sayin…


$1800/mo left for a single person is quite good. They should be able to save.


Haven’t read the entire thread, but would I’d like to say is this: The question should be, “What do you consider a good INCOME?” Not salary. Where I live, a good portion of people earn most of their money not via a salary. (I’m not one of them, btw.)

Meaning those in the capitalist or dependent (as opposed to labor) class?

Investments. Passive income.

I’m probably in the bottom 20% of income in my town. I would not choose this town if I had to do it all over again. I’d chose a town where most people achieve success in knowledge professions, like medicine, law, engineering, academia, human services. Instead of in careers in which the only goal is to make as much money as possible for yourself.


I believe this discussion on how we define a good salary hasn’t addressed how this might impact young people and their decision when it comes to starting a family. I increasingly see young 20-somethings choosing to wait to get married and start a family.

Waiting isn’t a new thing. DH and I got married at 23, but consciously waited to start our family. I had our firstborn at 30. I just wonder how much of an impact the perception of a “good salary” is playing into the decisions of our young people.

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Not only did my husband and I wait till 33 to have kids, we also shared apartments until we were 32. That enabled us to save our reasonably good salary and buy a house at 34. Sometimes you have to be frugal to enjoy yourself later.


They don’t have to get married now, they can live together and buy property together without being married. I think it’s not the money, they don’t want to be tied down so soon. I think it’s a trend that has nothing to do with good salary or not good salary.