Good SAT, Average GPA

My DS has a 3.5 GPA and a 1410 SAT. He attends a competitive, non-ranking, competitive high school and his GPA has been trending upward. He has received leadership and academic awards and has a very diverse and strong resume. He will probably be placed in the holistic review and I am wondering if he has a chance at acceptance into Mays. He will take the SAT again and will apply in September.

When a school doesn’t rank they have to provide a school profile that will give A&M a way to figure out about where your student ranks. I’m not sure if all school profiles are the same but my son’s school has a GPA distribution chart on it. So tamu has a way fo figure out a basic rank. Do you think your son would fall into the top quarter with his GPA? If so, he will be an automatic admit with that sat score. If he isn’t, I would think he would do well to up the sat score or may even want to see how he can do on the act. He probably has a good chance to get in with the current score but it is pretty competitive getting in as a review admit.

@azboys With a 1410 SAT, your son should not wait until September to apply. If he qualifies for academic admit
Total score of at least a 1360 with at least:
620 Math; and
660 Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW
and he is given a rank by A&M that is in the top quarter of his class (based on the school profile explained above) your son would receive his acceptance within a few weeks, which gives him a very good date for priority housing. He would need to apply for housing within 30 days of his acceptance.

If your son is an academic admit (and I suspect he is unless his class rank falls below the top quarter), then waiting to apply may mean he misses out on a spot in Mays. This happened to a friend of ours whose son is now a Sr at A&M… He was an auto admit and waited until Nov to apply to and because it is rolling admissions, Mays was full by the time he applied. So, he ended up doing Agri-business instead.

Each school’s profile is different - FWIW, our school does not list GPA distribution on theirs, just high & low. You can ask for a copy to see what your school supplies. Yes, he certainly has a chance - however, vast majority of Mays is filled with automatic admits ( top 10% TX & academic admits) so the rest of his application will need to stand out to gain admission fast enough to still have a spot open. EC’s, essays & recommendations that will put him at the top of the pile should he not get assigned 1st qtr. ranking.

They started accepting applications earlier this year by one month (July 1 opening date). As far as scores, 1410 is above the academic admit 1360 so that is a decent score - most review candidates tend to hit the benchmark for either score or rank, and are very close to the other one. If you are waiting on higher scores, you can continue to submit scores after you apply until Dec 1. They only count the highest score.