Good SAT I and II, but average ECs?

<p>I know my extracurriculars aren't anything special since I don't have any leadership positions, and I know that my GPA is a bit low but I do have an upward trend. However, my SATs and APs are pretty good. So what are my chances for RD if I'm going to major in biology? what about BME?</p>

<p>GPA: W 4.52, UW 3.76 (9th: 3.3~, 10th: 3.90, 11th: 4.0)
Rank: 13/273
Classes: hardest course load possible, 2 APs in 10th grade, 5 in 11th, 3 in 12th</p>

<p>SAT I:
Math: 800 Crit Read: 700 Writ: 750 (1500/2250)
Chemistry: 800, Physics: 790, Math 2: 790, US Hist: 650</p>

Chemistry - 5
Comp Sci AB - 4
Calculus AB - 5
Physics B - 5
Physics C Mech - 4
Physics C E and M - 5</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars/Awards:
Beta Club (10-12)
Math/Science Bowl (10-12)
drums (2005-2008)
Tutored various subjects (10-12)
NYLF M (National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine) 2 week summer program
GHA (Governor's Honors Academy) 3 week summer program
3rd place in a statewide Physics competition
ACS Chemistry exam winner
National Latin Exam - 2nd place 9th grade, 1st place 10th grade
roughly 75+ hours of volunteer work and shadowing at a free clinic in my area
AP Scholar with Distinction
National Merit Semifinalist
Self taught several programming languages (C++, Java, PHP), scripting languages (HTML, CSS), and others (SQL)
Design and make my own headphone amplifiers (don't know if these last two count for anything)</p>

<p>you have good EC"s but why did you go from 5 AP's in 11th grade to 3 AP's? Did you exhaust all your school's AP courses? what were your scores anyways? If you didn't exhaust your courses, it might seem like you went hard junior year but decided to step down senior year.</p>

<p>I pretty much exhausted the APs. There still are AP Envi Sci and AP Art History, but I'm taking AP Bio this year and College Art. I'm also taking College Calc 2/3 since my school doesn't offer AP Calc BC. (My scores are listed in the first post)</p>

<p>So how likely is it that JHU will accept me RD?</p>