Good SAT score for Physics/Math II

<p>What is considered a "good" score on the Physics and the Math II SAT subject tests? I will be applying to schools considered highly selective.</p>

<p>You can find a grade distribution chart here at CollegeBoard. Note that the average score for the subject tests is quite a bit higher than for the regular SAT since it is mostly high-achieving students who are taking the subject tests. Thus, where the 50% mark for SAT Math is in the 500 range, the 50% mark for the SAT II Math II is around 650.</p>

<p>there is grade chart at that you can view. as far as i know, it is around 650.
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<p>Math II 800
Physics 750</p>

Please be more specific about your university choices.
When I started studying on both of your tests, I was aiming for
Math II 780+
Physics 750+.
I have 800 in Math IIC
I think I have 750+ in Physics.</p>

<p>Math II - 800 definitely.
Physics - I'd wager 750+.</p>