Good SAT score... should I take the ACT?

<p>So I took the SAT and got a 2250 on it (took it twice, same score both times... >_>). Should I bother taking the ACT, or should I just forget about it and be happy with my SAT score?</p>

CR - 720
M - 780
W - 750
CR - 730
M - 740
W - 780
Superscore: 2290</p>

<p>Stupid math... two questions wrong and I drop 60 points. >_> But that's beside the point... so should I just stick with my SAT and not even bother taking the ACT? Or should I take it?</p>

<p>this is a really good score!!! but u should just take the act to prove that you are great both tests. i would at least take sat subject tests if i was you. great job on your sat and good luck.</p>

<p>Umm... I say you shouldn't, unless you are certain that you can score a 33+ on it.</p>

<p>Oh, I've already taken SAT Subject Tests...
Bio - 780
Math2 - 800
US - 770</p>

<p>I just figured that they didn't really have to do with the ACT, since generally schools allow interchange between the SAT I and ACT, not the subject tests.</p>

<p>But even if I did score a 33 or a 34 on the ACT, that would be just about equivalent to my SAT score, so if I wanted to improve, I should probably aim for a 35/36, shouldn't I? Is it even worth it?</p>

<p>I agree with download. Unless you think you could score 33 or higher, don't waste your time.</p>

<p>From looking at your SAT scores, I would say that you should take the ACT, if only to try it. If you can make an 800 on Math II, then a 36 on ACT math should be simple to get. ACT Reading is a joke compared to CR, so you should do well on that as well. ACT English is easier than SAT Writing, so your 780 makes me think you could make a 36 on it. It basically comes down to science (which is why I took the SAT).</p>