Good SATII,ACT Horrible SATI

I have pretty good score on ACT and I think I'll get great score on SATII (taking it in May).
BUT!! I took SATI last October and I did horrible
I got 360v 600m.
If I want to send SATII score to colleges, Collegeboard sends both SATI and SATII score... right?
I don't think I'll do good on new SAT neither...
Should I just send ACT score or ACT and SAT score even though SATI is horrible?
Will colleges look at terrible SATI score even though I have pretty good ACT score?</p>

<p>a good ACT score would probably make up your SAT one</p>

<p>They will just take your ACT score, don't worry about it. And some colleges will take ACT instead of SATI and II's.</p>

<p>thanks for the replies!! I guess I'll send both scores</p>

<p>wow. 360verbal</p>

<p>Yeah...360 verbal...if it wasn't already 5 months, I'd advise you to get that handscored.</p>

<p>It already passed 5 months... I took it last October...
I know, it is terrible!!!</p>

<p>sorry tokudas, i was just being mean.</p>

<p>Wait, whats your ACT score? If thats higher, they'll (they as in "they") will probably discard your SAT score as a fluke or accident (like bubbling it wrong). Its all relative.</p>