Good Schedules?

Here are my schedules throughout high school. Please make any suggestions:

Honors Algebra 2
Honors Geometry
Honors English 9 (Intro Into Literature)
Honors US History 2
French 1
French 2

Honors Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry
AP Statistics
Chemistry 1 and 2
AP Environmental Science
Honors English 10
Honors US History 3

AP Calculus AB
AP Physics 1
AP English 11 (Language and Composition)
Honors World Cultures
Organic Chemistry

AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP English 12 (Literature and Composition)
Honors Psychology
Honors Government and Economics
Writing and Grammar

I am taking French 3 and 4 online.


You need a math class senior year. And it is unwise to take AP Bio and AP Chem concurrently.

Okay, do you suggest taking AP Calc BC or Personal Finance? Also, (I know I asked this before), but if I want to major in enviro. sci., should

I take Honors Earth Science sophmore year, then APES junior year. I was just thinking this because there isn’t anything higher

than APES in terms of enviro. sci. Thank you.

Take calc BC. Personal finance is not a core math class. It’s a good class for life skills and can probably take the place of one of your 27 science classes (or writing and grammar, which seems pretty duplicative to me).

Okay, thanks you. I’m a science person lol.

is your school on a block schedule? Is that how you take French 1 and 2 in 1 year or does your school combine French by semesters but really French 1 and 2 make up French 1 in most schools as a full year French class so that you would need more than just French 3 and 4 which would be French 2 in a full year French program?

I figured that out. However, no college expects an applicant to be a specialist in HS, and certainly not at the expense of coursework in non-science subjects.

You need at least 3 years of FL, but preferably 4.

You don’t need to double up on math and science.
Most schools want to see 4 years of math, 4 years of science - bio, chem, physics, and then of those being AP, 4 years of english, 3-4 years of history, 3-4 years of FL.
Your scheduling of electives should be based around meeting the above first and foremost.

It is a block schedule, so I took the first two “years” last year