Good school for biofuel research

<p>I was wondering whether anyone knew of schools with excellent biofuel graduate program? I'm thinking of getting my phD in that area. </p>

<p>Thank you</p>

<p>A Biofuel PhD is a little too specific--instead focus on graduate programs (ChemE/MechE) with strong alternative energy departments. </p>

<p>Berkley ERG comes to mind.</p>

<p>I'm in biofuels and there are a number of programs out there that are pretty solid that we work with. In particularly, of the top of my head, are Ohio University, Ohio State, University of Florida, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (which houses NCERC), and Indiana University. I am pretty certain you could find more.</p>

<p>I thought PhDs are supposed to be intensely specific.</p>


<p>True, what I meant was that you won't earn a Doctor of Philosophy in Biofuels instead it'll be in Chemical Engineering or etc--but in retrospect I think I made a semantic error and the OP is probably looking for a strong alternative energy lab, which is probably be housed with ChemE or MechE.</p>

<p>^ Yes, I am looking for a strong alternative energy lab. I probably will head off as a biochemica/chemical engineer phD student. I've done some work in algae biodiesel production, and I was hoping to continue working on something related to it.</p>

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<p>Hi sorry for bumping such an old thread.
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I have a similar question to this and I figure that I might as well post in here if you don't mind.
I am looking for a lab that does research in biofuel and more specifically with algae. Anyone?</p>