Good Schools for an Undergrad Psych Degree?

<p>Hi I was wondering if you could tell me some reputable schools to get an undergrad industrial and organizational psych degree? I plan on going to grad school and getting my phd but I was wondering where to go first for undergrad? I live in Illinois so I would like to know schools in Illinois and maybe even Iowa and Wisconsin..
:) Thank-You!</p>

<p>In Illinois: Northwestern, U Illinois
In Iowa: U Iowa
In Wisconsin: U Wisconsin</p>

<p>Any of the above schools would provide a strong foundation in psychology.
As an undergrad, you won't specialize in industrial/org psychology, but the above schools would offer coursework in those areas. Northwestern might be especially attractive and more flexible for the possibility of related coursework in programs/schools outside psychology.</p>

<p>Actually, any of the Big 10 schools in the region could provide a strong foundation for i/O psychology grad school, including Purdue (especially strong in I/O psychology), Indiana, Ohio State, Minnesota, Michigan, Michigan State. If you might have an interest Organizational Behavior Management, a subfield of Applied Behavior Analysis, then Western Michigan might be a a school to consider as they have a program in I/O psychology and they're quite strong in ABA (though, overall as a university, WMU isn't nearly as strong as the other schools I mentioned.)</p>

<p>You also might check relevant coursework in business, industrial engineering, and organizational studies at these schools, though at some schools it might not always be feasible for students outside a particular school/major to access those courses.</p>

<p>Thank-You So Much! I was just wondering do you think I could get into any of those schools? I have a 3.5 gpa and 27 act score? I'm very well rounded with sports and nhs and class president and 500+ voleenteer hrs butI don't think my stats are strong enough? :( I've only take honors and ap classes. Also, what about university of chicago?</p>

<p>Well, I don't know the specific admission stats for each of those schools, so you should check their websites. Northwestern, Michigan, and Illinois might be a bit of a reach with your stats. If cost is a consideration, beyond your state flagship (Illinois), Minnesota is one of the less expensive state flagships for out-of-state students. I think Chicago would definitely be a reach, too. While Chicago could prepare you for just about any area of grad study in psychology, it really doesn't offer much in your particular area of interest, especially compared to some of the other schools.</p>

<p>ok thanks you so much!!!! (:</p>