Good Schools for Me? (Environmental Studies major)

<p>I'm looking to major in Environmental Studies or Science, and was wondering what the top schools are for studying this ,besides the nearly-Ivy League schools which are nearly impossible to get into like Cornell and Middlebury.
I have a 3.4 GPA unweighted, but because I'm in IB, my GPA wieghted is 4.1 . I don't know if colleges look at unweighted or weighted, though.
I've taken the SAT twice, and last time i got a 1890, which I know isn't that great. I'm taking it again this fall, and might take the ACT as well.
I've also looked at UVM, Oberlin, Penn State, Colby, Rutgers New Brunswick, and SUNY Plattsburgh. Any other suggestion?</p>

<p>If you like Middlebury, check out Colorado College. It too is in a gorgeous setting (if you like mountains), with probably even better opportunities for outdoor recreation. Their environmental studies program appears to be quite good (not only the department itself, but also the opportunities for field work provided by the location and the "block plan" scheduling). And it's not as isolated (as long as you are willing to leave the beaten bi-coastal college paths).</p>

<p>It's not as selective as Middlebury. Their 75th percentile SAT scores are lower than Midd's, although their 25th percentile scores are higher. About a quarter of recent admits ranked in the top one percent (1%) of their high school classes, so they do attract excellent students. However, your GPA in a full IB program may be competitive because it's about the same as my kid's, who also was in a full IB program and was accepted (his SATs were higher though).</p>

<p>This school started out as sort of an after-thought on his list, but the more we learned about it the better it looked.</p>

College of the Atlantic
Connecticut College</p>

<p>Whitman, Warren Wilson, and Eckerd are also great if you're willing to look outside the Northeast.</p>