Good Schools with Journalism

<p>Help!! I'm about to start my senior year, and I need some more schools to look into that offer Journalism (Broadcast and Advertising would be nice too) as a major. Syracuse and UNC-Chapel Hill are already on my list. I would prefer to stay on the east coast (no west coast schools, please). Are there any smaller private schools that have good journalism programs? I'm not a genius or anything, so Northwestern and Columbia would be definite reaches.</p>

<p>Mizzou (Missouri) has a good journalism program, though it's obviously in the Midwest. I believe American University has a good communications/broadcast journalism program, but I could be wrong.</p>

<p>Columbia doesn't offer journalism undergrad, fyi.</p>

<p>I would seriously consider getting an undergrad degree in something else, working as much as possible for the school newspaper or local newspapers, etc., and the going to grad school in journalsim.</p>

<p>Check this thread:
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<p>My son will be a freshman at Mizzou this fall (photojournalism or convergence). If you have a chance to visit Mizzou, you should consider it. I think it is terrific, and I was a bit of a j-school skeptic at first. Don't rule it out because it's in the Midwest. (We are from a big East Coast city.) If you want more information, PM me.</p>

<p>There are not many journalism programs at private universities, except Syracuse. In addition to Syracuse and Chapel Hill, on the East Coast/closer Midwest you might look at Indiana, Penn State, Maryland-College Park, Ohio U, Florida, Boston University, Northeastern, and Ithaca College.</p>

<p>You'll always find two opinions on j-school vs. another degree. There's no one answer. It's an individual choice.</p>

<p>i heard that fordham and emerson have strong journalism</p>

<p>Ohio University has one of the best in the country, which may be surprising cuz the school overall is not known for academics.</p>