Good scores for admissions?

<p>After getting a 28 on my ACT, I just received my SAT II scores today. A little bit lower than what I was hoping for, but I guess they will have to do (Math II 620, Lit 640, US 710). Of course the math score doesn't really matter as I will take the best two. I was just wondering if these scores are acceptable for competetive schools, such as the ivys, georgetowns, and berkleys of the world. Also, would any of you happen to know the average score for both the US history and English Lit tests? Thanks so much.</p>

<p>I can tell you the ACT is low for the Ivys as well as the SAT IIs do remember that there are other very good (I would even say better for undergraduate education <em>GASP</em>) schools out there that are easier to get into than the Ivys.</p>

<p>Those scores are not competitive for any of the listed schools unless you are in state for UCB in which case the ACT may be barely acceptable. The mean 50% of ACT scores at the ivy league schools range from 29-35, and probably higher since that data.
Average USH: 601, with the 80th percentile at 717.
Average Lit: 583, with the 80th percentile at 694.</p>