Good sources for finding jobs?

<p>I have just started looking for jobs (I think I'm a bit late)...and the lists on my college career site seem thin...and hasn't really been that helpful. Any tips? I am a senior in computer science. Or should I just relax till the fall?</p>

<p> is supposed to be very good for experienced CS. If you are graduating in May or June do not relax until Fall. Maybe focus on studying for finals, but the day after finals get into a serious job search. Have your resume ready now though. If anybody asks for it or even looks like they might be helpful hand them one now. Does anybody recruit on your campus? You have to take advantage of whatever is available when it is available. After graudation it becomes your full time job and even now it is a part time job.</p>

<p>You should have been looking last fall. The companies that plan their hiring are recruiting for spring grads. These companies have the resources and needs that they can plan ahead for. They post ads and may do on-campus recruiting. There were many of these at my son's campus last fall.</p>

<p>I would keep an eye on openings starting right now. Indeed isn't bad in my area but a combination of indeed, dice and monster gets you pretty good coverage. You might also consider coops and internships for the summer that can lead to full-time employment.</p>