Good standardized test scores enough to get in?

<p>I live in Canada but have always wanted to get into one of the ivy league schools or other top US unis and would really like to know my chances. More then anything I want to know if my standardized test scores are enough to get in, since my GPA and EC's are lacking..</p>

<p>Chance for Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, UPenn, John Hopkins, Northwestern</p>

<p>Eastern European (is this considered URM?)
High income family, private boarding school
GPA: (in percentages since its Canada)
G9: 80
G10: 79
G11: 92
G12: 96 so far
And I took the hardest possible subjects.
So far I've done 3 AP classes (Physics C, French and Economics. And am doing Calc BC, Chem, World History and English this year)
I've gotten 5 in all the AP exams I've done.
SAT I: 2360 (800 math, 800 CR, 760 Wr)
SAT II: 800 Math2, 800 Physics, 760 Chem, 760 Lit, 800 World History, Will do French and Bio in January.</p>

Member of debate club
Member of the school Tennis team
Vice Captain of the varsity Ice Hockey team
Writer for the school paper
200+ hours of community service
Volunteered for NGO's in Indonesia.</p>

Played the flute since I was 10, have won a few awards for playing, but never part of a orchestra or anything.
Speak Polish, German and French fluently.
Have a lot of knowledge in website development and several programming languages.</p>