Good Story for Schools?

<p>Hi everyone! I am currently a second semester junior in a public high school in Illinois. I'm planning on majoring in finance. I might also double major in also statistics or math (haven't fully decided yet). I'm planning on applying to a couple of Ivy Leagues and other high-ranked schools. My stats aren't fantastic but some people tell me I have a unique enough situation that I might be considered. I would like to hear some more opinions.</p>

<p>Schools I Plan on Applying to:
Notre Dame

Current Weighted GPA: 4.246
Current Unweighted GPA: 3.860
Senior Schedule: AP Calc BC, AP Chemistry, AP Physics C, AP Spanish V, AP Government, AP Psychology, Speech, Argument and Debate
AP Classes Taken: AP Lang, AP Physics B, AP Statistics
Class Rank: N/A (School doesn't provide but probably top 10%)</p>

<p>Test Scores:
ACT: 35 (English:35 Math:36 Reading:35 Science:34 Writing:32)
PSAT: 201 (not planning on taking SAT I) (Critical Reading:66 Math:77 Writing:58)
SAT II: Haven't taken any yet, planning to take Math 2, Physics, and Literature</p>

Math Team: 4 years
FBLA: 3 years
(I plan on running for a leadership role in Math Team and FBLA for my senior year)
Robotics: 2 years
WYSE: 2 years
First Class: 2 years (leadership club)
NHS: applying in the end of junior year; will probably get in
Volunteer at hospital: 175+ hours
Work in Sponsorship for American Cancer Society's Relay for Life </p>

Because of a difficult divorce and a complicated financial situation, my dad was not able to send me to school for the first three months of my freshman year. After I moved in my mom, I started going to school again but I was forced to drop the first semester and take easier classes than I'm used to because I missed so much school. I was able to get back on the honors track for sophomore year. It's a long story that I plan on writing in my personal essays. </p>

Ethnicity: Asian
I qualify for financial aid.</p>

<p>Please give me any feedback you can. I can chance back :). Thanks everyone.</p>

<p>Great but don't forget to write the solution and how you will bring the lesson that taught you to college</p>

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<p>okay thanks!</p>

<p>ur stats are great! All of those schools are at most high matches, MAYBE low reaches.</p>

<p>haha i highly doubt schools like upenn and stanford are high matches for me. but thanks for being so nice :)</p>

<p>bump? ma;okmcs;klfmas;clkfscf</p>


<p>Your ACT is fantastic. I think your grades are fine, since you're back on track with a ton of APs. The one major weakness in your application is definitely your extracurriculars. Nothing stands out which is a big problem. Do you have any awards in any of your extracurriculars? I feel those can really help with your application. Your ethnicity doesn't help either.</p>

<p>UPenn - Reach
Dartmouth - Reach
Stanford - Reach
Berkeley - Low Reach
UofI - You're in!
Notre Dame - Low Reach
NYU - Match
USC - Low Reach</p>

<p>One thing you should do is find some safety schools you'd be happy at.</p>

<p>P.S. I don't think you need to take SAT IIs since you have a very good ACT score. Don't give the College Board anymore money!</p>

<p>i have a couple of state awards in fbla with a big possibility of going to nationals this year. also our math team has been in top 3 in state for the past 4 years and wyse has been first in state for the past three years. will colleges view this as irrelevent?</p>

<p>Those team placements aren't irrelevant, but individual awards are usually weighed more than team awards. National level individual awards will help boost your application significantly. Are you planning on taking the chemistry, biology, or any other Olympiads?</p>

<p>no im not...and even if i go to nationals for fbla i do not think i have a chance in placing at the event. the only other boost i can think of at the moment is a possible business internship over the summer that i might be able to get</p>